Nifty levels to watch for 24Mar2017

NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Nifty levels to watch for 24Mar2017

Trading on Algo principles:

Algo trading levels on NIFTY_Spot
R1 :: 9112-9131 & Alert levels for Shorts-9148
S1 :: 9071-9054 & Alert levels for Longs-9034

Overnight Premium = 21.35
So derived Algo trading levels on derivative NIFTY17MARFUT
R1 :: 9133-9153 & Alert levels for Shorts-9169
S1 :: 9092-9076 & Alert levels for Longs-9055

Please keep on booking profits.
Happy Trading!
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Comment: 24-Mar-17 10:22
9140 good level to Short
Comment: 24-Mar-17 15:30
LTP = 9111
Happy Weekend
Comment: Trades screen shot posted on page


Whats your Levels for Bank Nifty for this Expiry ? How much upside do you See for Bank Nifty .... Rohit ?
rohitladdha HappyVijay
@HappyVijay, Hi, I will not like to comment on Bank_Nifty. There is a fallacy behind that. But will surely advise to Bank_Nifty_Traders, that they may track these Nifty_Future levels to manage their Bank_Nifty Open Interest in sync.
HappyVijay rohitladdha
@rohitladdha, Rohit thanks anyway :) Your levels were so Accurate so Greedy Me wanted to gain in Bank Nifty Weekly Options ..... Well you have your own reasons ... Thanks and good luck Rohit
rohitladdha HappyVijay
@HappyVijay, Hey, there is Mathematical fallacy in Bank_Nifty.... No personal reason. And i trade only Maths. You may call me and I will explain that fallacy to you.