Nifty- Can this dream turn into reality

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NSE:NIFTY   Nifty 50 Index
Day's Low- 8550

As an analyst -its a biggest achievement if something turns out as he wishes, but those cases are very rare. I am not fond of picking tops & bottoms because getting tops & bottoms has been always risky. It hurts you as you are dealing with real money.

Connecting pieces of Nifty tells that if this piece falls into place & very important not going above 8969 which is the high from where nifty started falling early Sep2016- we will be ready for the most exciting time in Indian Markets.

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13:38 Hrs 27th Oct2016


Nifty if travels 8640-8650 -I will love it because it will confirm that bulls are interested again in the index.
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13:49 Hrs 27th Oct2016


Likely Nifty could go very close to 8550-8570 - so we will wait to see the price action
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14:18 Hrs 27th Oct2016


Session low@8576

Vow -what a fall likely I want this little more so I can think of buying with stops below 8550- key level
14:25 Hrs 27th Oct2016


Some of these portions or updates I am writing out of my experience- you guys can take clue, but likely do your own analysis before executing any trade.
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14:40 Hrs 27th Oct2016


Going above 8605-8610 is likely good for bulls. Thanks to one of my colleague Udaya- one more update- New expiry contract is always good for bulls atleast 2-3 days, which has been noticed on historical basis. Also, Diwali is round the corners. So, enjoy with lots of sweets & crackers.
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16:18 Hrs 27th Oct2016

Last Price@8615

Hope so we see the new expiry contract running into sweet spot & complete the setup as expected when it opened up as leading diagonal.

All waves overlap from 8968

Can you recognize the path
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07:03 Hrs 28th Oct2016

Good Morning! Wish You All A Happy & Prosperous Diwali
Last Price-8615

Nifty has bounced back exactly from the gap zone 8530-8555 by making a low@8550- The last hour rally on expiry day looked bullish but still we will take a bullish stand as mentioned below.

If Nifty retraces to 8600-8605 or 8580-8585 with strict stoploss below 8575- we have a bullish stand in today's session.
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11:11 Hrs 28th Oct2016

Last Price@8640

Day's High@8650

Amazing Dip of the Market - Enjoyed the bounce of 70 points -exactly from the zone 8580-8585 with just 6 points risk- This kind of risk reward is hard to get 1:14 with a risk of 5-6 points & gain of 70 points.
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11:55 Hrs 28th Oct2016


There was a gap between 8655-8664 so likely Nifty going above 8647-8648 levels shall kiss some portion of the gap

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12:41 Hrs 28th Oct2016


Recent Low- 8619

So that's why I said, let Nifty cross 8647-8648 for a target in gap area 8660. Nifty did not cross 8647-8648 & look the fall on smallest degree.

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12:51 Hrs 28th Oct2016


Sorry got little late

For Risk Takers who can afford to lose 10-12 points with strict stop below 8609
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14:00 Hrs 28th Oct2016


Likely Let us exit & trade above 8645 or close to 8610-8615
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15:03 Hrs 28th Oct2016


See the thumbs shown at 8645 yesterday there was a severe fall - today after making a high at 8650 -it went down for small candle & came to 8645 -same level shown again as thumb -look the fall

Next a trendline is drawn connecting 8650 to 8645 -Once Candle crosses above one can look for this trendline as support line -most of the time it takes support -you can wait for one candle to see whether it holds -once you know it holds - you can initiate a trade with minimum risk & maximum gain.

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12:31 Hrs 3rd Dec2016

Can this channel in B-Wave Work- Looks like Bears & Bulls are fighting- Once we cross 8550 -it will confirm for bulls that they have strong holds on the market. Before that there is channel from where the B - wave likely has bounced from day's low.

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13:22 Hrs 3rd Nov2016


Prices did not cross 8550 for bullish bias, but likely I will avoid having a bearish bias as well, unless we break the channel- so I am avoiding short trades in current scenario.
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13:28 Hrs 3rd Nov2016


Breaking day's Low - can push Nifty to 8440-8450 zone,

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