Nifty : ABCD..ABCD..More of ABCD !

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Yep, ABCD's everywhere you go, repetitively thats why Kindergarten Admission confirmed & on lighter note some people maturity level is also upto KG levels only, trying to nag others & to pick up fight. Well, I'm supercool now, than ever :)

Expecting Bat formation on hourly, keeping in view of our 9k fill, this needs to fail, probably a small short covering can happen around ABCD completion zone in Nifty 9070's zone. But if Nifty gets in Bear mood today,it will turn ruthless & filling all the gaps to the down. Just My intuition that its not in mood today, Nifty will get ruthless on its own time & preferences.

So mostly, that retracement pullback will happen then a downside move to complete the bat pattern . Go down on time frames to find potential trade chances. You know friends, Most of time I won't give stops & targets, Learning on own is best tutor ever.

Buddy's, if you have counter views feel free to drop a line below, I would love to have healthy discussions, bcos knowledge sharing is best thing happened to human race.

For that one dear buddy who made futile attempt to nag with kindergarten sarcasm, Don't be so afraid of Me to oppose My views right in My post, I wud love to see you, Rightnow is the time bcos I'm supercool than ever :)

Comment: As mentioned earlier complete range for the day... Last 60 mins to go, will we get a Move ?!
Comment: Touch of 9130's & close around that zone, mostly less than it
Comment: Possible nibbling around 9120's 9130;s in sometime then all the way down , Enjoy !
Comment: Wow.. How come Nifty travels on the arrow itself & turning at exact end of that arrow...Supercool :)


Welcome back @InsiderB , missed your view much. No matter who say what, keep posting your view as there will always opposite views and some will go extreme to argue, it's everywhere, see about religion, same thing, thus, keep posting Sir. You are a true savior from where I try to learn on how to look forward to Nifty and charts. Much appreciated anytime... again, Thnx for coming back.
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InsiderB, Thank you so much for such kind words, yep I won;t stop posting bcos somebody mocks with sarcasm. I don't mind them, Lets keep doing our work, thanks again buddy :)
Thank U my friend. I will follow it up!!!!!
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@MANOLIS, Thanks for the support mate :)
superb bro
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The pull back is good but once it starts to fall it will fall heavily due to the long covering, hope our alphabets give gains.
InsiderB abiXMR
@abiXMR, Today I feel that Bears came in last minutes, RSI divergence, Momentum slowdown...So extended bull run to 9175's or Bear Power ? 2mrw we will know :)
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I am waiting for Nifty to follow your next direction RED ARROW,
@AMBRISH, Boss, then everyday people will expect Nifty to move as I show , so losses here n there are better to save Myself :D ;)
@InsiderB, Good One.