6 Major Reasons of Expected Fall in Indian Market Sep-2020

We have identified some technical reasons of recent fall in Indian share market in Fab-Mar 2020.

After that we saw a sharp upside rally but in middle of Sep we are finding some major technical reasons which can move the market further downside.


Can we predict to what level it would fall?
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pk29121976 siddhant_swami
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boamogh pk29121976
@pk29121976, how? and till what level it may fall?
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I learnt a lot in this chart.....Pranams sirji..:)
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Nice analysis 👍
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Isn't the one major reason for the fall being "Loan Mortatorium" issues with the finance sector in India?
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Nice..well explained.
i Respect your chart and truly appreciate it, but your whole analysis revolves around the fact that coronavirus led to fall in march which doesn't happen just because we are touching near tops of Indian market, recent mega FII selling induced fall it is RSI will not matter we consolidate near 11000 range and will touch 10500 at least in October after upcoming bounce above 11000 once then the next bull run will again even reaching beyond 12000. technicals don't matter in the world market Only LIQUIDITY in the system does.
Volume-Price Analysis at work. ;) I would recommend a free reading of Adam Grime's book called The Art and Science of Trading; Getting Started in Technical Analysis by Jack Schwager and How Technical Analysis Works (New York Institute of Finance) by Bruce Kamich
correction is healthy for market, once it start to form base and move up it will break everything. fall in stock market is used not for selling rather to build portfolio. Buy some quality stocks. Else you regret once you see 15000 nifty in december.