One Can buy for Next 25 % rally , since the data is very less , I still consider its Going up for One more rally above its today high

This trade will be awesome
Look for buying on Gap down which i am looking as Minimum of 2 % Gap down , if Gap down is more than 5 % then you must buy it because its Going to Give you lots of earnings

Remember only Professionals know the value of this kind of move , Not every one

Good luck with this trade

I am making this bold statement if anyone wants to bet then you have time till Monday Morning

Comment: do i need to laugh on your face ?? there is limit to every system
these people who comment randomly and try to insult others by commenting cheaply

Wake up people You need to learn , not some to become Psycho who keep commenting cheap words

You wanna make Money then Follow the Money , or Else Good luck

i was not born yesterday to Post this bold public post ,

I know who i am and they way i see the Market you will never see it ,
The way i make Money in the market You will never make it if you keep commenting cheaply
Comment: I am updating this is one of the Possible pattern it can unfold

Keep your holdings ( recent one ) with trailing stop

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