Polymed: ₹247, will find support near ₹224

TradingView is the best & most powerful, easy to use charting service I have ever used in my is so precise, well-advanced and well maintained site. Unlike many other charting software and sites, this is special, loo at the above chart, after the split, immediately changed to its original values adjusted, giving the trader, or technical analyst, a clear picture about the price level.
See the support marked above, and try to mark the same in some other chart you will find the difference, and will understand what I am trying to tell here.

I was surprised to see that, in my Alankit chart support, which I predicted in advance, was broken the line little bit. Not a matter, but when I go back and see that again, I found that , it is my fault in drawing the line for trajectory channel properly, actually the price closed at support, only the wicks are broken little.

Thank you for reading me.
Comment: It was 1:1 bonus, not a split.
Comment: So it was a nice move.
Comment: The internal structure shows that, we may be in an abc correction, as the move from the top 316 to 216 is only an impulse wave, could be "wave a" and wave b is progressing or end at 307.
Comment: This move was expected in advance.