[B Plan Series -1] PTC India

Hi Friends,

From today I'm going to post trade setup named as "B Plan" on Nifty SmallCap stocks & those posts will be tagged as "B Plan" .

I'm really excited that I'm gonna share something very unique with you. A type of trade setup which I held close to My Heart for so long, even now I'm oscillating about should I share this trade setup or not. Bcos, it's chiseled by years of hardwork n countless number of trial n error's,many sleepless nights to finetune this trade setup. That's why I have decided to share tradesetup only for this B Plan with Entry,Stops n Targets which itself a deviation from usual Style of analysis. Most of times, I've never posted trade setups with specific values of Stops,Entry,Targets

My ususal style is to post detailed educative analysis without SET values.For B Plan, I will share tradesetup with SET price values not the strategy behind it bcos of previously mentioned reasons. So why I'm sharing it with you ???
There are so many Myths about trading in markets, so to clear the air.

Myth 1 : We need 50000 or more to make money in markets
Myth Buster : Nope, I will post only NiftySmallcap stocks , mostly within 100 to 500, so 10k will be more than enough.

Myth 2: None of the strategies work, all are fakes
Myth Buster : This setup will be proof & motivation to all frustrated traders out there, you just need to do the hardwork to find your strategy.

Myth 3: To be profitable we should win every trade, no space for losing trades
Myth Buster : You are in wrong mindset friend, if you find strategy which wins more that 70% time, you found heaven in Desert. Success is striking balance between your win/loss % with risk you take.

Myth 4 : I should double my money every month.I can get rich overnight.
Myth Buster : Nope, if you want that you should be ready to lose much which is terrible mindset of trader. There is no get rich quick scheme in trading !

Myth 5 : Penny stocks ( stocks below 100 & 200 ) ,You can't make money trading those.
Myth Buster : We are going to concentrate only on those stocks, you will realise how they are being awesome Penny Monies.

Overview of B Plan trade setups :

1) We are aiming at very small risks & good profit moves
2) Timeframe of 1 or 2 days, not more than that
3) Cut our losses with trial stops, Penny saved is penny earned
4) This is not 100% winning strategy, We win more than our Loss. Thats the B Plan !

These series of posts is only to boost your morale & confidence with some insights into designing trade setups, take the trades only if it's in your trade plan.

*** B plan Brings Best Trades n Big Profits ***


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