Long ( Continuation Pattern )

This stock is Crazy whenever it makes its move ,

I am still not looking for any sign of reversal in Major trend direction in fact we are looking trade this up side move in Futures Contract

I dont advise this for weak hearts , as this will be crazy on both side , but safe traders can take a minimum risk of daily reversal candle low as stop and enter only

after visual print of Green candle ( Sufficient move of 1.5 %) and book near Forecast Target using tailing stop method

Good luck
Comment: ha ha its bounced back
Watch out now
Comment: started moving out form consolidation phase , One Aunty was talking in tweeter that When news comes lets short Reliance , and surprisingly she has 74K followers

Now its no surprise that Mass Majority of people follow dummy and fake Tweeter traders

keep trading friends
Comment: Book your majority holding ,
Comment: i want to update one thing today ,
01) Any can learn the wave theory
02) You are most welcome to try better tools in this Charting software

Majority people think Reliance will likely end its ATH very soon , then all of you are wrong its going to 10000 INR , Yes it will go there , any price development take time and involvement of Market participants it does not develop in 1 day or 1 Month , it will take series of psychological stages and it will keep moving for Next appreciations due to Mass participants
which direction you are looking i have no idea but for sure Look for buy setup whenever you see the price is correcting

Good luck

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