SAGAR CEMENT volume study

Volume & Deliveries:
- Huge Accumulation was done on 15th & 16th June with 4.79 lac shares delivered (2.39 lac/day) while Avg. before was 17.2k shares per day.
- The POC of Rally between 20th July to 4th Aug is around Rs. 272/-
- Post Rally, 12.56 lac shares delivered with Avg. 2.51 lac shares per day just before dry volume consolidation.
- Between 20th July & 25th August for 24 sessions, the Last 30 minutes Volumes had significantly increased compared to other days. (This suggest Big Hands Buying)
- During consolidation the price tried to breach POC levels of 272/- 5 times, but every time good buying (Session) volume was witnessed, keeping the price above POC.