Basic Pattern: explanation of DOUBLE TOP.

1) Prior Trend:
For the double top pattern, the prior trend must be up-trend for several months.

2) First Peak:
Normally, this peak will be higher peak of current trend.

3) Neck Line:
From the prior trend, neck-line should be 10% to 30% normal case. The lows are sometime Rounded or drawn out a bit which can be sign of low volume and low demand.

4) Second Peak:
Price moving from neckline to second peak will be low volume . Ususally second peak within 3% of the previous high(1st peak) is called 2nd peak.

5) Decline from peak:
Price decline after reaching the 2nd peak with high volume and marke a GAP or two.


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Saving this post as notes in my Investment/Stock Education Diary Folder. Lucidly explained!

Question : Will the same theory apply to Double Bottom too?

Request : Please make a detailed video/education post on Elliot Waves too.

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@champvimal, Yeah same theory for double bottom. I am planing to create live class.