Awaiting Triangle Thrust in SRF.

Trade-Technique Updated   
Getting started with today's real-time research, I'm going to talk little bit about triangle types and its position. If you are calling from my recent posts, I has written various type of Triangles: 1. Contracting triangle, Expanding triangle, and Barrier triangle. I'm going to be showing you a technique called a triangle thrust measurement technique and gonna be utilized to identify a high probability target. The Triangles are limited in where they can from by themself at wave 4, Wave X and Wave B and rarely wave 2.

Protective Stop, Critical Resistance and Failed Pattern:-
Only word of caution with respect to this pattern in this market at this time that prices have yet to get below extreme of wave "D". On an hourly closing basis being the case, that means we can actually see maybe another move to the upward OR a more time consuming wave "E" OR wave "E" itself can actually form into a triangle. Therefore, until the price actually get below the extreme of wave "D" on an hourly closing basis. You need to do is simply view this point right here in the extreme of wave "C" as are critical support level for this interpretation. Whenever the price close above critical support, it means simple I'm wrong. But, the price would come below extreme of wave "D" on a hourly basis that would provide very strongest evidence for this pattern is indeed to complete. And, then the price is going to see a thrust.

Thrust Measurement Technique:
At the origin of the move for ABCDE triangle or simply taking the widest portion of the triangle in measuring it. In this real-time instance, expecting trust measurement move is approximately at 2226 downside from the extreme of wave E.

I'll divide the "Trade-Setup" into two portion, one for Aggressive Trader and other for Safe-Trader. The safe trader can take action after breaking down wave "D" on basis that means after revealing the evidence of thrust move. An aggressive trader can act at or nearby "Critical Support" in advance. Yes, absolutely traders can create their position at these both trade-setup.

Best of Luck.
Trade active:
SRF (Equity) : 2513-2525 is nice range for aggressive traders.
The price is pushed 2525 beyond with high 2548 but stoploss on closing basis.
Yes the price move above the critical resistance but surge in volume is the sign of the reversal.

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