MyAlgo: xRWave-Blaster: Intraday call:14Jun-TATACOMM-Long

Based on my "xRWave-Blaster" predictive trading methodologies, its going to be a GREEN candle on 14-Jun-2018 for TATACOMM

Buy Above(5Min candle close): 610.3 for targets -
T1: 614.9
T2: 617.6
T3: 620.5
SL: 605.4

Note: These calls are based on my own analysis. It may or may not work well for you.So please carefully consider whether it is suitable for you and please do your own research before attempting any. The profit/loss made by you due to this call, is solely your own responsibility. Thanks, All the best. Happy Trading. :-)
Trade active: Buy price triggered.
Comment: Trade is still active.
Trade closed manually: Trade auto-squared off. Neither the targets nor the SL got hit. It was a dull day.