Long ( Continuation Pattern)

I am really Enjoying this Trading view ,

Few are clowns who copy charts form other and post in their telegram & Tweeter ,

Rest Majority people have a complete indigenous way of calibrating market movements and presenting them self

Now i am posting this after i saw all the people have posted negative sentiment on this scrip , but in fact it has still more up side move left in it

I will not provide entry & Exit as few are using my data posted here and taking Money form innocent people as subscription charges

even to fact one has started telegram channel also in my name , You all have experienced that people often use others name to get few earnings and or any form of Gain

its OK let them do what they want to do , I am sharing my view as bullish sentiment and continuation pattern

One can look for their own method of entry and exit
Trade active
Comment: dam lagake hyssa , its not moving up , it will probably will have one more correction before move up , put the stop to cost + profits let the market take you out form the position