UPL -- RSI below 30. Ready to bounce back

UPL RSI (Weekly is below 30). It's a NIFTY 50 company. The RSI can't stay forever at that price and is sure to bounce back.

Targets are open 450/500 (a couple of months)

Let's keep stop loss of 6% @ around 480.
Trade active: Made a high of 447 today... Modify stop loss to protect capital or exit 70% position and hold the rest with SL of cost + 5/- to 7/-
Trade active: 1st target of 450 done in 10 days...
Keep holding. continues to look positive. Bring SL close to price to avoid sudden crash and protect capital.
Trade closed: target reached: Made a high of 478. If crosses 480 tom modify stop loss to 460 to see progress if it doesnt keep SL at 470 and exit. all targets achieved