The Iceland Stock Exchange, officially called Nasdaq Iceland, is the only stock exchange of Iceland. It used to be called ICEX, before Nasdaq acquired OMX in 2008, which had acquired ICEX in 2006. It is one of eight stock exchanges that belong to Nasdaq Nordic, which is a subsidiary of Nasdaq that operates stock exchanges in several Nordic and Baltic countries and provides access to 80% of the Nordic and Baltic securities market. The Iceland Stock Exchange is headquartered in Reykjavík, Iceland's capital, largest city and the heart of its economic activity. It lists 16 companies with a market cap of ISK 836.5 billion. The exchange also houses bonds.

Among the listings are prominent Icelandic companies such as Hagar, Marel, the Icelandair Group, N1 and Reginn. The exchange manages the OMX Iceland 8 index, a market weighted price index that tracks the performance of the 8 most actively traded stocks. It is widely seen as the benchmark index for the Icelandic stock market. The constituents are screened for eligibility and reviewed semi-annually and the limit of 8 ensures that all underlying shares are liquid. It also operates an all share index, a mid cap index, a small cap index and several indices that reflect the performance of different sectors and industries.