Stock market industries of Iceland

The table below is comprised of stocks that are grouped by industries. Analyze them using a variety of performance metrics and data such as market cap, volume and number of stocks included just to name a few.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Biotechnology499.528 B ISK+2.14%266.535 KHealth Technology1
Industrial Machinery375.468 B ISK0.25%−0.80%433.376 KProducer Manufacturing1
Major Banks201.568 B ISK6.47%−1.44%1.942 MFinance1
Regional Banks200 B ISK6.26%−0.60%3.282 MFinance1
Agricultural Commodities/Milling193.346 B ISK1.99%−0.04%100.12 KProcess Industries2
Food: Meat/Fish/Dairy170.278 B ISK1.88%−0.27%295.951 KConsumer Non-Durables1
Real Estate Development92.514 B ISK2.73%+0.94%4.468 MFinance3
Food Retail86.301 B ISK2.87%0.00%547.476 KRetail Trade1
Industrial Conglomerates83.823 B ISK0.82%−1.12%3.097 KProducer Manufacturing1
Multi-Line Insurance73.092 B ISK4.59%−0.06%219.92 KFinance2
Investment Banks/Brokers67.762 B ISK0.00%−0.35%36.678 MFinance1
Pharmaceuticals: Major61.089 B ISK−0.60%18.069 KHealth Technology1
Real Estate Investment Trusts58.347 B ISK2.50%0.00%2.024 MFinance1
Specialty Stores57.887 B ISK1.54%−0.51%911.716 KRetail Trade1
Marine Shipping54.373 B ISK6.95%−0.93%250 KTransportation1
Beverages: Alcoholic51.362 B ISK−1.09%3.141 MConsumer Non-Durables1
Airlines49.996 B ISK+0.23%63.616 MTransportation2
Precious Metals42.515 B ISK+1.18%1.078 MNon-Energy Minerals1
Major Telecommunications35.559 B ISK1.47%−0.65%2.371 MCommunications2
Wholesale Distributors27.736 B ISK2.41%−0.62%512.345 KDistribution Services1
Food Distributors17.813 B ISK0.58%−3.23%813.515 KDistribution Services2
Electronics/Appliance Stores14.23 B ISK0.00%687.354 KRetail Trade1
Packaged Software809.592 M ISK+12.96%101.867 KTechnology Services1
Food: Specialty/CandyConsumer Non-Durables1