Indian companies operating in the same apparel/footwear industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, apparel/footwear. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as PAGE INDUSTRIES LTD or those with the best price dynamics like CELEBRITY FASHIONS, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
PAGEINDPAGE INDUSTRIES LTD394.355 B INR35391.40 INR+0.10%16.41 K0.4173.19483.55 INR−21.08%0.88%Consumer Non-Durables
KPRMILLKPR MILL LTD288.406 B INR844.05 INR+1.39%283.342 K1.3536.0123.44 INR−2.58%0.53%Consumer Non-Durables
RELAXORELAXO FOOTWEARS202.586 B INR814.15 INR−0.70%36.079 K0.69100.268.12 INR+31.17%0.31%Consumer Non-Durables
BATAINDIABATA INDIA169.733 B INR1320.40 INR−1.72%866.28 K1.5064.1720.58 INR−17.44%1.02%Consumer Non-Durables
CAMPUSCAMPUS ACTIVEWEAR LTD71.918 B INR235.30 INR−2.02%436.028 K0.4890.282.61 INR−39.39%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
GOCOLORSGO FASHION INDIA LTD62.683 B INR1163.55 INR+0.69%13.097 K0.3074.3715.65 INR+5.20%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
PDSLPDS LTD60.979 B INR461.85 INR−1.25%25.787 K0.5639.6811.64 INR−45.91%0.91%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
GOKEXGOKALDAS EXPORTS L51.331 B INR809.40 INR+0.20%210.628 K1.6537.8421.39 INR−28.86%0.12%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
KKCLKEWEL KIRAN CLOTHI42.879 B INR695.50 INR−1.53%29.277 K1.2028.9424.03 INR+31.88%0.57%Consumer Non-Durables
LUXINDLUX INDUSTRIES LTD34.02 B INR1131.85 INR−0.93%27.755 K0.7432.3634.98 INR−45.85%0.44%Consumer Non-Durables
DOLLARDOLLAR INDUSTRIES30.783 B INR542.75 INR+1.74%59.736 K0.3853.3910.17 INR−34.80%0.55%Consumer Non-Durables
PGILPEARL GLOBAL INDUS24.625 B INR565.30 INR−1.60%9.835 K0.7714.0140.34 INR+45.51%1.99%Consumer Non-Durables
TCNSBRANDSTCNS CLOTHING CO L24.601 B INR389.10 INR+0.57%70.843 K0.60−40.16 INR−6013.07%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
RUPARUPA & CO LTD20.776 B INR261.45 INR+0.11%73.364 K0.4232.278.10 INR−23.45%1.15%Consumer Non-Durables
CANTABILCANTABIL RETAIL IN17.878 B INR214.30 INR+0.70%83.897 K0.8428.807.44 INR+3.89%0.42%Consumer Non-Durables
SPALS.P.APPARELS LTD14.264 B INR568.80 INR−1.44%14.467 K0.7317.4732.56 INR−4.23%0.53%Consumer Non-Durables
Strong buy
MONTECARLOMONTE CARLO FASHIO12.919 B INR625.40 INR−0.40%21.051 K1.0713.1347.64 INR−21.28%3.21%Consumer Non-Durables
KHADIMKHADIM INDIA LTD6.421 B INR356.50 INR+1.74%31.798 K1.3067.135.31 INR−39.75%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
IRISDOREMEIRIS CLOTHINGS LTD6.342 B INR77.75 INR−0.38%64.437 K0.3557.911.34 INR+67.65%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
MALLCOMMALLCOM (INDIA) LTD6.196 B INR994.15 INR−3.05%6.095 K1.4818.1054.93 INR−7.89%0.30%Consumer Non-Durables
MIRZAINTMIRZA INTERNATIONA6.194 B INR44.80 INR0.00%80.503 K0.7846.910.96 INR−92.89%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
LIBERTSHOELIBERTY SHOES5.347 B INR318.55 INR−0.38%50.971 K1.4992.233.45 INR−56.78%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
VARDHACRLCVARDHMAN ACRYLICS4.452 B INR55.40 INR−1.25%54.729 K0.7227.552.01 INR−62.45%4.51%Consumer Non-Durables
INDTERRAININDIAN TERRAIN FAS3.26 B INR73.60 INR−0.67%145.567 K0.85−4.76 INR−204.39%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
ESSENTIAINTEGRA ESSENTIA LTD2.989 B INR3.30 INR+1.54%3.394 M1.5820.230.16 INR+75.19%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
VIPCLOTHNGVIP CLOTHING LTD2.988 B INR35.80 INR−4.28%151.095 K0.87−0.40 INR−148.53%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
ZODIACLOTHZODIAC CLOTH CO2.988 B INR114.70 INR−1.88%31.844 K1.1724.794.63 INR0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
LALLORENZINI APPARELS LTD2.721 B INR26.85 INR−2.01%2.217 K0.0776.240.35 INR0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
SUPERHOUSESUPERHOUSE LTD2.388 B INR217.20 INR−2.14%9.282 K0.5713.5016.09 INR−49.21%0.46%Consumer Non-Durables
THOMASCOTTTHOMAS SCOTT (INDI2.36 B INR260.05 INR+1.58%51.398 K4.1622.2811.67 INR+3533.25%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
AABCOTSAB COTSPIN INDIA L2.285 B INR222.00 INR+4.72%4 K0.6368.613.24 INR0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
LOVABLELOVABLE LINGERIE L1.8 B INR121.75 INR−1.22%17.145 K0.5541.282.95 INR+4.91%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
SPLILSPL INDUSTRIES LTD1.725 B INR59.40 INR+1.45%13.37 K0.3015.813.76 INR−60.32%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
BBHANDARIBHANDARI HOSIERY E1.301 B INR7.95 INR−1.24%697.579 K0.9318.790.42 INR−6.79%0.12%Consumer Non-Durables
PPIONEEREMBPIONEER EMBROID LTD1.278 B INR42.75 INR+1.79%21.003 K1.1049.090.87 INR−73.05%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
CCELEBRITYCELEBRITY FASHIONS1.11 B INR20.55 INR+11.68%1.832 M6.8332.270.64 INR−64.42%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
ZENITHEXPOZENITH EXPORTS LTD990.212 M INR184.55 INR+0.54%1.886 K0.9649.063.76 INR+42.96%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
SSIGNORIASIGNORIA CREATION804.102 M INR169.00 INR−0.59%18 K0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
CCPSC P S SHAPERS LIMI735 M INR350.00 INR−1.13%3 K1.280.00%Consumer Non-Durables
JJAIPURKURTNANDANI CREATION LTD570.554 M INR49.90 INR−1.09%8.353 K0.28−0.84 INR+38.81%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
SUULDSUUMAYA LIFESTYLE LTD567.981 M INR9.05 INR+4.62%397.464 K1.13−133.77 INR−341.97%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
LLIBASLIBAS DESIGNS LTD496.596 M INR18.85 INR−0.79%51.451 K0.4218.481.02 INR−69.63%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
JJIWANRAMJIWANRAM SHEODUTTR398.446 M INR16.10 INR0.00%6 K0.230.00%Consumer Non-Durables
WINSOMEWINSOME YARNS LTD258.081 M INR3.60 INR+1.41%54.981 K2.81−2.96 INR−40.13%0.00%Consumer Non-Durables
JJETKNITJET KNITWEARS LTD121.50 INR−10.00%6 K1.60Consumer Non-Durables
KKARNIKAKARNIKA INDUSTRIES308.00 INR+3.36%1.6 K0.04Consumer Non-Durables