Indian companies operating in the same wholesale distributors industry

The list below has Indian companies that operate under the same industry, wholesale distributors. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as ADANI ENTERPRISES or those with the best price dynamics like AEGIS LOGISTICS, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
ADANIENTADANI ENTERPRISES3.541 T INR3106.40 INR−1.30%1.134 M1.13100.8130.81 INR+69.45%0.04%Distribution Services
Strong buy
SCHNEIDERSCHNEIDER ELECTR189.884 B INR794.80 INR+4.97%202.83 K0.8988.978.93 INR+170.88%0.00%Distribution Services
Strong buy
AEGISCHEMAEGIS LOGISTICS184.608 B INR525.95 INR+7.90%8.742 M5.7935.9314.64 INR+23.25%1.09%Distribution Services
GMDCLTDGUJARAT MINERAL DE123.416 B INR388.00 INR−0.27%1.865 M0.5414.3127.12 INR−8.18%2.95%Distribution Services
MMTCMMTC108.63 B INR72.30 INR+0.91%1.684 M0.5682.000.88 INR−92.08%0.00%Distribution Services
TEGATEGA INDUSTRIES LTD94.939 B INR1421.15 INR+5.14%136.187 K2.8552.0927.28 INR+16.62%0.14%Distribution Services
Strong buy
SHARDACROPSHARDA CROPCHEM33.26 B INR367.85 INR+0.05%123.591 K0.6938.049.67 INR−72.74%1.63%Distribution Services
THEJOTHEJO ENGINEERING LTD30.637 B INR2846.15 INR+1.46%14.466 K0.580.07%Distribution Services
EVERESTINDEVEREST INDUSTRIES18.775 B INR1189.35 INR+3.91%46.513 K4.8473.7616.12 INR−28.70%0.50%Distribution Services
IMPALINDIA MOTOR PARTS12.761 B INR1035.70 INR+0.17%1.493 K0.7916.2563.72 INR+10.63%2.35%Distribution Services
JAYBARMARUJAY BHARAT MARUTI12.746 B INR117.70 INR−0.51%89.498 K0.8142.672.76 INR−20.52%0.59%Distribution Services
MARINEMARINE ELECTRICAL (I) LTD12.581 B INR97.10 INR+1.73%185.028 K0.7071.431.36 INR−2.21%0.00%Distribution Services
HARDWYNHARDWYN INDIA LTD11.14 B INR32.00 INR−3.03%686.922 K1.87161.700.20 INR+96.92%0.00%Distribution Services
HEXATRADEXHEXA TRADEX LTD8.267 B INR148.55 INR+0.03%5.596 K0.979.3115.95 INR0.00%Distribution Services
VIKASLIFEVIKAS LIFECARE LTD8.205 B INR5.05 INR+1.00%3.685 M0.58−0.08 INR−127.40%0.00%Distribution Services
SBCSBC EXPORTS LTD8.178 B INR25.75 INR+3.83%4.501 M1.6664.860.40 INR+62.91%0.13%Distribution Services
VINYLINDIAVINYL CHEMICALS(IN6.982 B INR381.45 INR+2.13%20.194 K0.1432.3711.78 INR−49.57%1.31%Distribution Services
PPURVFLEXIPURV FLEXIPACK LIM4.679 B INR223.00 INR−1.98%49.6 K0.910.00%Distribution Services
KOTHARIPROKOTHARI PRODUCTS3.878 B INR129.75 INR+0.70%7.637 K0.2921.486.04 INR−76.54%0.00%Distribution Services
UUMAEXPORTSUMA EXPORTS LTD3.176 B INR96.90 INR+1.84%144.796 K1.1132.323.00 INR−61.30%0.00%Distribution Services
ANMOLANMOL INDIA LTD2.632 B INR46.15 INR−0.97%156.527 K0.3512.263.76 INR+23.17%0.00%Distribution Services
ROCKINGDCEROCKINGDEALS CIRCU2.49 B INR440.00 INR0.00%4 K0.220.00%Distribution Services
AANLONANLON TECH SOL LTD2.257 B INR402.75 INR+3.32%2.4 K0.400.00%Distribution Services
SURANAT_PSURANA TEL & POWER2.183 B INR16.20 INR−1.82%22.035 K0.36−0.26 INR−126.44%0.00%Distribution Services
DDENEERSDE NEERS TOOLS LIM1.858 B INR215.90 INR−1.19%4.2 K0.310.00%Distribution Services
AANIKINDSANIK INDUSTRIES1.62 B INR58.60 INR+6.26%223.218 K3.4047.991.22 INR−66.08%0.00%Distribution Services
GGOYALALUMGOYAL ALUMINIUMS LTD1.313 B INR9.25 INR−1.60%54.864 K0.2951.130.18 INR+105.57%0.00%Distribution Services
SVPGLOBSVP GLOBAL VENTURES LTD871.585 M INR6.85 INR+4.58%118.449 K0.59−26.52 INR−411.98%0.00%Distribution Services
AAKGAKG EXIM LTD630.765 M INR19.85 INR+2.06%17.035 K0.3027.390.72 INR−43.29%0.00%Distribution Services
SHRENIKSHRENIK LTD581.4 M INR0.95 INR0.00%3.096 M2.110.00%Distribution Services
AAGARWALFTAGARWAL FLOAT GL456.341 M INR63.00 INR+0.08%3 K0.1465.910.96 INR0.00%Distribution Services
HHAVISHASRI HAVISHA HOSP A368.486 M INR2.40 INR+2.13%40.663 K0.64−0.13 INR−179.13%0.00%Distribution Services
IISHAN.STISHAN INTERNATIONA2.30 INR+4.55%48 K0.15Distribution Services
AASPIRE.STASPIRE & INNOVATI77.25 INR+4.96%16 KDistribution Services
SSAROJASAROJA PHARMA INDU38.60 INR−0.77%11.2 K1.15Distribution Services