Hotels/Resorts/Cruise lines

Sri Lankan companies operating in the same hotels/resorts/cruise lines industry

The list below has Sri Lankan companies that operate under the same industry, hotels/resorts/cruise lines. The list helps track their performance, income statement, and more. Sorted by any necessary metric, it can show the most expensive stocks of the industry such as THE NUWARA ELIYA HOTELS COMPANY PLC or those with the best price dynamics like TRANS ASIA HOTELS PLC, thus assisting in designing strategies of any focus.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
SPEN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE PLC52.779 B LKR130.00 LKR−2.26%8940.01−0.31 LKR−100.81%3.08%Consumer Services
AHPL.N0000ASIAN HOTELS AND PROPERTIES PLC30.507 B LKR69.6 LKR+0.87%50.00174000.000.00 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
KHL.N0000JOHN KEELLS HOTELS PLC27.667 B LKR19.0 LKR0.00%52.084 K0.13−0.79 LKR−1950.90%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
PALM.N0000PALM GARDEN HOTELS PLC23.083 B LKR49.9 LKR+2.89%2.057 K0.11−88.62 LKR+7.48%0.00%Consumer Services
EDEN.N0000EDEN HOTEL LANKA PLC22.493 B LKR14.2 LKR−0.70%113.481 K0.42−5.08 LKR+31.47%0.00%Consumer Services
HUNA.N0000HUNAS FALLS HOTELS PLC22.329 B LKR26.3 LKR+0.38%8760.02−0.57 LKR−75.86%0.00%Consumer Services
AHUN.N0000AITKEN SPENCE HOTEL HOLDINGS PLC21.892 B LKR65.0 LKR0.00%3.041 K0.05−0.44 LKR+34.82%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
TTRAN.N0000TRANS ASIA HOTELS PLC9.1 B LKR45.5 LKR+6.81%1.3 K0.8033.021.38 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
GHLL.N0000GALADARI HOTELS (LANKA) PLC8.464 B LKR16.7 LKR0.00%21.859 K0.180.00%Consumer Services
SHOT.N0000SERENDIB HOTELS PLC6.196 B LKR15.8 LKR+1.94%2.512 K0.0419.580.81 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
KHC.N0000THE KANDY HOTELS COMPANY (1938) PLC6.185 B LKR8.2 LKR+1.23%1.803 K0.17−0.38 LKR−284.75%0.00%Consumer Services
JETS.N0000JETWING SYMPHONY LIMITED5.359 B LKR8.9 LKR0.00%10.669 K0.0334.680.26 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
SERV.N0000THE KINGSBURY PLC5.276 B LKR11.0 LKR0.00%31.778 K0.180.00%Consumer Services
NEH.N0000THE NUWARA ELIYA HOTELS COMPANY PLC4.044 B LKR1816.00 LKR−3.40%160.201.97%Consumer Services
RCH.N0000RENUKA HOTEL PLC3.711 B LKR95.0 LKR+1.06%160.0214.116.73 LKR−92.47%0.54%Consumer Services
CHOT.N0000CEYLON HOTELS CORPORATION PLC3.691 B LKR20.8 LKR+4.00%40.937 K1.26−1.82 LKR−304.49%0.00%Consumer Services
RHTL.N0000THE FORTRESS RESORTS PLC2.794 B LKR25.6 LKR−3.40%5.127 K0.8928.160.91 LKR+28.87%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
TAJ.N0000TAJ LANKA HOTELS PLC2.639 B LKR18.9 LKR0.00%1.4 K0.160.00%Consumer Services
RENU.N0000RENUKA CITY HOTELS PLC.2.59 B LKR360.00 LKR−2.70%130.01−11.24 LKR−101.88%0.54%Consumer Services
STAF.N0000DOLPHIN HOTELS PLC2.568 B LKR39.8 LKR−3.40%23.983 K0.1826.061.53 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
CITW.N0000WASKADUWA BEACH RESORT PLC2.342 B LKR2.5 LKR0.00%145.604 K0.56−0.90 LKR+12.52%0.00%Consumer Services
CONN.N0000AMAYA LEISURE PLC2.311 B LKR21.4 LKR−2.73%10.007 K0.16−1.05 LKR+84.74%0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
CITH.N0000HIKKADUWA BEACH RESORT PLC2.279 B LKR4.3 LKR−2.27%2.156 M40.54−3.01 LKR−41.95%0.00%Consumer Services
BERU.N0000BERUWALA RESORTS PLC2.032 B LKR2.8 LKR0.00%1.518 M0.560.00%Consumer Services
LHL.N0000THE LIGHTHOUSE HOTEL PLC1.932 B LKR42.0 LKR+1.94%6.001 K0.9534.471.22 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
BBH.N0000BROWNS BEACH HOTELS PLC1.905 B LKR14.7 LKR−3.92%4100.04−7.43 LKR−82.59%0.00%Consumer Services
RPBH.N0000ROYAL PALMS BEACH HOTELS PLC1.625 B LKR32.5 LKR+1.25%6.005 K4.4114.802.20 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
Strong buy
MARA.N0000MARAWILA RESORTS PLC1.619 B LKR4.6 LKR+4.55%3.28 M1.370.00%Consumer Services
TANG.N0000TANGERINE BEACH HOTELS PLC1.24 B LKR62.0 LKR−1.12%2600.12−1.38 LKR+84.64%0.00%Consumer Services
PEG.N0000PEGASUS HOTELS OF CEYLON PLC1.119 B LKR27.4 LKR+4.18%8330.13−3.59 LKR−16.03%0.00%Consumer Services
HSIG.N0000HOTEL SIGIRIYA PLC840.181 M LKR47.5 LKR−1.45%5.755 K0.167.716.16 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
BRR.N0000BANSEI ROYAL RESORTS HIKKADUWA PLC741.446 M LKR13.8 LKR0.00%4530.0739.060.35 LKR−27.66%1.45%Consumer Services
MRH.N0000MAHAWELI REACH HOTELS PLC682.463 M LKR14.9 LKR+2.76%3.601 K0.77−5.09 LKR−33.81%0.00%Consumer Services
RFL.N0000RAMBODA FALLS PLC554 M LKR30.8 LKR0.00%100.0223.111.33 LKR0.00%Consumer Services
SIGV.N0000SIGIRIYA VILLAGE HOTELS PLC378 M LKR42.0 LKR−0.71%15.124 K0.38−5.35 LKR+61.57%0.00%Consumer Services