Non-Energy Minerals

Sri Lankan companies engaged in non-energy minerals sector

These Sri Lankan companies operate in the same sector, non-energy minerals. They're equipped with price, change, and other stats to help you get the most details. The list contains stocks for any strategy: giants with large caps like TOKYO CEMENT COMPANY (LANKA) PLC, top gainers like INDUSTRIAL ASPHALTS (CEYLON) PLC, and more. Filter the list and check companies' performance in a convenient way.
Market cap
Change %
Rel Volume
EPS dil
EPS dil growth
Div yield %
Analyst Rating
TKYO.X0000TOKYO CEMENT COMPANY (LANKA) PLC22.434 B LKR47.0 LKR+0.64%127.269 K0.478.035.85 LKR+18.88%2.93%
Strong buy
TKYO.N0000TOKYO CEMENT COMPANY (LANKA) PLC22.434 B LKR53.4 LKR+0.75%17.324 K0.089.125.85 LKR+18.88%2.57%
Strong buy
ELPL.N0000ELPITIYA PLANTATIONS PLC8.726 B LKR120.00 LKR+0.21%15.64 K1.326.4118.73 LKR−36.20%15.87%
ALUM.N0000ALUMEX PLC6.944 B LKR11.8 LKR0.00%29.48 K0.0237.630.31 LKR0.00%
BOPL.N0000BOGAWANTALAWA TEA ESTATES PLC3.057 B LKR36.5 LKR0.00%6.506 K0.815.306.89 LKR−54.03%4.11%
PARQ.N0000SWISSTEK (CEYLON) PLC3.052 B LKR22.4 LKR−1.32%60.332 K0.17−3.75 LKR−1111.60%3.14%
ASCO.N0000LANKA REALTY INVESTMENTS PLC2.684 B LKR12.9 LKR+1.57%45.825 K0.15−1.44 LKR−328.05%0.00%
KOTA.N0000KOTAGALA PLANTATIONS PLC2.133 B LKR6.2 LKR−1.59%249.169 K0.666.250.99 LKR−43.28%0.00%
LALU.N0000LANKA ALUMINIUM INDUSTRIES PLC1.727 B LKR25.6 LKR−1.16%92.494 K0.2110.192.51 LKR−54.83%0.00%
ASPH.N0000INDUSTRIAL ASPHALTS (CEYLON) PLC1.125 B LKR0.4 LKR+33.33%1.281 M1.00−0.00 LKR−106.87%0.00%