Stock market industries of United Arab Emirates

The table below is comprised of stocks that are grouped by industries. Analyze them using a variety of performance metrics and data such as market cap, volume and number of stocks included just to name a few.
Market cap
Div yield % (indicated)
Change %
Medical/Nursing Services937.096 B AED0.02%+0.03%956.033 KHealth Services4
Electric Utilities456.303 B AED3.33%+0.33%1.747 MUtilities2
Investment Banks/Brokers290.205 B AED3.61%−0.10%1.524 MFinance9
Major Banks277.753 B AED5.97%+0.34%3.08 MFinance9
Integrated Oil242.455 B AED4.92%−0.02%3.629 MEnergy Minerals2
Engineering & Construction197.466 B AED0.94%−1.10%4.837 MIndustrial Services6
Real Estate Development174.422 B AED5.09%+0.63%8.239 MFinance12
Major Telecommunications154.807 B AED4.71%+2.25%2.523 MCommunications2
Regional Banks117.612 B AED6.80%+0.72%3.117 MFinance10
Chemicals: Specialty73.04 B AED6.50%+0.82%9.726 MProcess Industries1
Contract Drilling62.4 B AED4.22%+2.56%2.055 MIndustrial Services1
Oil & Gas Production43.875 B AED5.86%−0.85%11.13 MEnergy Minerals1
Marine Shipping34.333 B AED2.08%+0.85%3.107 MTransportation2
Other Transportation33.126 B AED0.21%0.00%1.143 MTransportation2
Wireless Telecommunications32.928 B AED5.40%−9.31%7.395 KCommunications1
Miscellaneous Commercial Services32.258 B AED−3.49%22.195 MCommercial Services2
Specialty Telecommunications30.891 B AED6.29%−0.45%647.967 KCommunications2
Restaurants30.585 B AED1.56%−0.24%2.967 MConsumer Services2
Construction Materials28.396 B AED2.06%−0.60%1.374 MNon-Energy Minerals9
Financial Conglomerates27.183 B AED1.00%−0.84%5.625 MFinance6
Homebuilding26.7 B AED4.11%+1.69%1.123 MConsumer Durables1
Chemicals: Agricultural23.576 B AED7.39%+0.70%6.48 MProcess Industries1
Pharmaceuticals: Generic18.026 B AED0.00%0Health Technology1
Airlines15.371 B AED6.80%+0.91%3.081 MTransportation2
Packaged Software14.639 B AED−4.21%7.298 MTechnology Services1
Air Freight/Couriers12.83 B AED2.37%+1.26%1.847 MTransportation2
Investment Managers11.536 B AED1.17%+0.19%91 KFinance4
Multi-Line Insurance9.357 B AED5.09%−0.47%132.145 KFinance13
Food Distributors9.31 B AED+1.82%477.327 KDistribution Services2
Water Utilities8.479 B AED5.20%−1.01%4.523 MUtilities1
Hotels/Resorts/Cruise lines8.087 B AED2.97%+1.26%7.521 MConsumer Services2
Data Processing Services6.994 B AED−2.57%2.968 MTechnology Services1
Other Consumer Services6.983 B AED4.18%−0.14%1.849 MConsumer Services3
Recreational Products5.39 B AED−0.19%1.449 MConsumer Durables1
Internet Retail4.608 B AED5.68%−1.14%170.294 KRetail Trade1
Agricultural Commodities/Milling4.569 B AED3.21%−0.41%437.368 KProcess Industries2
Wholesale Distributors2.867 B AED1.57%+0.39%820.607 KDistribution Services1
Building Products2.653 B AED7.49%+1.50%403.31 KProducer Manufacturing1
Movies/Entertainment2.55 B AED3.92%+2.00%350.591 KConsumer Services2
Beverages: Non-Alcoholic2.544 B AED2.83%−0.13%709Consumer Non-Durables2
Investment Trusts/Mutual Funds1.78 B AED0.00%−3.85%0Miscellaneous11
Real Estate Investment Trusts1.612 B AED5.08%−0.30%16.821 KFinance3
Hospital/Nursing Management1.258 B AED5.56%0.00%552Health Services1
Finance/Rental/Leasing1.2 B AED+2.00%1.285 MFinance1
Pharmaceuticals: Major1.112 B AED+0.10%291.448 KHealth Technology1
Trucks/Construction/Farm Machinery854.328 M AED2.48%+2.23%33.605 KProducer Manufacturing1
Food: Specialty/Candy447.819 M AED3.97%+0.60%339Consumer Non-Durables2
Chemicals: Major Diversified269.926 M AED5.83%0.00%0Process Industries1
Property/Casualty Insurance254.1 M AED6.18%0.00%0Finance1
Food: Meat/Fish/Dairy252.466 M AED0.00%0Consumer Non-Durables1