OHO Trend Finder and Trailing Stop Loss

Studies Used:
We have used different type of moving averages and average true ranges in this indicator.

It can be used for scalping and Intra-day trading. It works on all time frames and Scripts.
It provides easy to visualize multiple information:
1) It gives the correct Entry on Time.
2) Fake trends are shown on purple color of trend line .
3) It gives proper Exit on time. or Exit as per your own Risk Reward Ratio.
4) Easy Trailing Stop Loss as per trend line .

How to read OHO® Trend Finder and Trailing Stop Loss Indicator?
Trend line color:
Red = Sell side trailing
Green = Buy side trailing
Purple = No trade zone or Cautious Trade Zone

How to find Sideways?
If Price is above the UpTrend and it's showing a Red color, then it might be a sideways script.
And vice versa If Price is below the DownTrend and it's showing a Green color, then it might be a sideways script.

Trade is recommended to be closed when price is below UpTrend line (in case of buy side trade) or it is above DownTrend line (in case of sell side trade)

What time frame should I use?
15 Minutes time-frame for Intraday and 1 Hour Time Frame for Swing Trading, But you can check different time-frames and scripts as per your requirements.

For any type of queries and suggesions kindly send us personal message.

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