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First, thanks to the following Tradingview community members for providing open source indicators that I used to develop this indicator!
Liquidations by volume (spot/futures) - @Thomas_Davison
Pivot and liquidation lines - @lmatl
Let me know if either of you do not approve and I will remove the indicator.

This indicator uses pivot points, volume and a liquidation percentage to determine potential liquidation levels. These are not exact but can give traders an idea of potential support or resistance levels.

Pivot points: Currently the pivot points are set to look left 5 bars and right 2 bars. This will determine the high and lows in the chart.

Volume: Assuming that high volume bars are where more leverage is used, this indicator uses the average volume over a 1000 bar period to determine to determine a baseline. I have arbitrarily set 100x lines to 20% above the average volume, 50x lines 10% above, 25x lines 5% above, 10x lines 2.5% above and 5x lines 1.25% above.

Liquidation: Finally, we are making a few assumptions on how liquidations are calculated. The following table includes the percentage a position can decline before being liquidated.

Short: Long:
100x 0.51% 0.49%
50x 1.55% 1.47%
25x 3.70% 3.38%
10x 5.11% 4.67%
5x 6.705% 6.115%

Let me know if there are any questions or if anyone has any improvements!

Release Notes:
minor optimization changes
Release Notes:
Added a user input for the lookback period. Minor adjustments to the liquidation levels.
Release Notes:
Updated leverage calculations and colors
Release Notes:
Minor edit
Release Notes:
changes are related to extending the lines and removing old liquidation lines.

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