Pivot Points H/L by Himansu

Im not able to figure out why the strategy.exit only stays for one candle. I was trying to let the trade open till it hits Target or StopLoss.
Will really appreciate some help here.
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himansu.altradegroup Virtual_Machinist
@Virtual_Machinist, Yep this was repaints.
Disclaimer: This one repaints and there are few errors in the coding, which results in such high win percentage. Please refrain from using it on live trading.
maybe I can try to take a look. could you please explain where the target is in in the picture?
Thanks mate!
The Traget and StopLoss is mentioned in the exit strategy:
strategy.exit("Exit Short", from_entry = "Short", profit = profitpoints,loss = stoplosspoints, trail_points = trailstoploss)

where the "profitpoints and stoplosspoints are hardcoded at the begining itself.