MTF Technical Ratings [Anan]

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This indicator is a modified version of "Technical Ratings" v5.0 available in the public library to provide a quick overview of Technical Ratings in 6 optional timeframes.

- Multi-timeframe Table.
- Display Technical Ratings for "MAs" with a percentage.
- Display Technical Ratings for "Oscillators" with a percentage.
- Display Technical Ratings for "All" with a percentage.
- Full control of displaying any row(MAs / Oscillators / All) or any column(Multi-timeframe)
- Full control of Table position and size.
- Full control of displaying any row or column.


This indicator calculates TradingView's well-known "Strong Buy", "Buy", "Neutral", "Sell" or "Strong Sell" states using the aggregate biases of 26 different technical indicators.

The indicator calculates the aggregate value of two groups of indicators: moving averages and oscillators.

The "MAs" group is comprised of 15 different components:
 • Six Simple Moving Averages of periods 10, 20, 30, 50, 100 and 200
 • Six Exponential Moving Averages of the same periods
 • A Hull Moving Average of period 9
 • A Volume-weighed Moving Average of period 20
 • Ichimoku‎

The "Oscillators" group includes 11 components:
 • RSI
 • Stochastic
 • CCI
 • ADX
 • Awesome Oscillator
 • Momentum
 • Stochastic RSI
 • Wiliams %R
 • Bull Bear Power
 • Ultimate Oscillator

The state of each group's components is evaluated to a +1/0/-1 value corresponding to its bull/neutral/bear bias. The resulting value for each of the two groups are then averaged to produce the overall value for the indicator, which oscillates between +1 and -1. The complete conditions used in the calculations are documented in the Help Center.
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