Leverage Liquidation Circles/dots/alerts

This plots liquidation alerts for different levels of leverage. The script calculates the liquidation prices for both long and short positions based on the inputted leverage values. Then, it plots dots on the chart where liquidation can occur for each level of leverage. Additionally, it plots circles on the chart only when a liquidation event occurs, at which point the circle changes color to indicate the level of leverage that triggered the liquidation.

The script allows traders to visualize potential liquidation events for different levels of leverage, which can be helpful in managing risk when trading on margin. The different colors of the circles can quickly communicate which level of leverage triggered the liquidation, allowing traders to quickly assess the situation and adjust their positions if necessary.
Release Notes:
added highlight on high concentration of dots. still work in progress
Release Notes:
added past liquidation levels. they act as magnets for liquidity + updating to pine v5
Release Notes:
removed some features not meant to be added.

added feature that makes dots not visible on the timeframes bigger than 1 hour
Release Notes:
added more lev circles

added highlights before vol
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