Uzi Scalper V1

I made this indicator for sclap only on 15min TF. (1-2% gain)

There are two lines
Red: Bear Trend
Green: Bull Trend

If red is above green then short signals will be more validate, and if green then long signals will be more validate.

This indicator tells entry point and then you can exit with 1% gain without leverage.

This indicator have.
Long/Short Signals
Divergence (Regular & Hidden Bearish / Bullish ) represented by red/green box.
Candlestick Identify
Resistance/Support (Green for support & Red for resistance)

There will be more update in future.
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Not interested then sorry too much useless stuff nowadays to pay without a trial ))) if you are so sure in your product why not to give a trial ?
@akafnf, No problem Sir/Mam. I made this for myself only but my few friends suggested me to publish this on TV & sell this script. You have all results in front of you,
If you think this is useless then please don't waste your single min here.
I don't want to give trial cause it will take time to adjust with this indicator minimum 3-4 days and after you will learn how to trade on this indicator. You will not get this indicator in one day.

Do not offer a free trial when your customer can’t get a complete picture of how your product benefits them during a reasonable free trial period.

Hope you understand.

So no trial option?
@akafnf, No trial, $50 per month.
hi can i have the accesses on trial basis
UziScalper ashishpurohit
@ashishpurohit, Hey Ashish,
This is paid only script, %50 per month.
ShieldCyber UziScalper
@UziScalper, how to add it?? thanks!
UziScalper ShieldCyber
@ShieldCyber, Hi
$50 per month.
Message me here:
UziScalper ashishpurohit
@ashishpurohit, Sorry $50* per month