Algonize Updated   

► How To Use This Indicator ?
• New Intraday Trading Levels Will Be Generated At 09:30 AM (UTC +05:30)
• Buy If 5 Minutes Candle Close Above '' BreakOut Buy Here '' Level.
• Sell If 5 Minutes Candle Close Below '' BreakOut Sell Here '' Level.
• Book Profits At Breakout Buy or BreakOut Sell Targets.
• If 1st Call Target Hit , Then Do Not Trade More On That Day.
• If 1st Call StopLoss Hit , Then Only Trade On 2nd Call.

PM us to obtain access.
Release Notes:
Fixed Label Positions.
Release Notes:
Changed Label Positions
Release Notes:
Trading Rules Updated.
Goto Indicator Settings to watch new added rules.
Release Notes:
Added Alerts for -
• Breakout Buy Levels
• Breakout Sell Levels
• Buy Target Hit
• Sell Target Hit
Release Notes:
Added -
► New On Screen Labels for -
• Breakout Buy Above with Breakout Buy Value.
• Breakout Sell Below With Breakout Sell Value.
• Buy Target With Buy Target Value.
• Sell Target With Sell Target Value.
• Stoploss With Stoploss Value.
Release Notes:
New Update : 11/05/2020
• Added Points Difference between Buy or Sell to Target or Stoploss.
• Now no need to take the pain to calculate how many points is target or SL, everything is now plotted on screen.
• Adjusted Alerts to get used smoothly with algo trading systems.
Release Notes:
Adjusted Entry Parameters
Release Notes:
Values Updated :
What will be changed?
• Early Entry is possible now, breakout levels are now near than before.
• Stoploss Levels are now shrinked to half than previous.
• Less waiting time for Breakout Levels to get executed.
Release Notes:
New Update :
• Added Option To Show/Hide Buy Sell Levels .
• Added Option To Select BaseValue For Selecting How Many Points Target & SL you Want.
• Increased Compatibility For Algo trading.
• Added In-Built Algorithm to Start Trading After 9:35 AM And Stop Trading Automatically After 08:30 PM (UTC +5:30)
• Added Auto Market Trend Movement Calculation Algorithm To Get Best Possible Idea of How Much Target & SL To Be Placed.
• Added Indicators For Buy/Sell Target Hit.

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