Moving Average Ribbon

Moving Average Ribbon:

A series of moving averages of different lengths to create a ribbon-like indicator. Traders can determine trend strength by the distance between the moving averages, the overall balance of the coloured lines and determine price points. Price movements through the ribbon can be used to identify trend changes.

SMA , EMA , WMA with user defined length, starting plot, number of plots to show, theme choice and colour calculation toggle.


Source: input value for MAs (close)

Type: moving average type ( ema )

Theme: multiple colours/themes (theme 2)

Length: MA length (13)

Start: MA plot number to start ribbon on (1)

No. of MAs: number of plots to show; maximum 32 (32)

Colour option: unchecked then line colour is based on the source value crossing current MA otherwise the moving average below (false)


multiple MAs overlaid with different values give interesting results e.g.

Ribbon1 :
length: 13
start: 1

start: 26


if increasing the length beyond around 150 results in "references too many candles in history" error then reduce the no. of MAs value to show less MA plots; the longer length MAs will go beyond the 5k max candle history..
Release Notes: Updated legacy code.
Release Notes: Updated legacy code.
Release Notes: Updated legacy code.
Release Notes: Updated defaults.
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