{Gunzo} Trend Sniper (Multiple MAs with coefficient)

Updated GUNZO's Trend Sniper script by adding in different MA types to choose from. This can help reduce false signals and sharpen the trend reversal points.

Here's a summary of the key changes:

1. Multiple Moving Average Types: The original script was focused solely on the Weighted Moving Average (WMA) with a coefficient. The updated script introduces flexibility by allowing users to choose from a variety of Moving Average types, including WMA, VWMA (Volume Weighted Moving Average), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), SMA (Simple Moving Average), HullMA (Hull Moving Average), TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average), DEMA (Double Exponential Moving Average), T3, and RMA (Running Moving Average).

2. Coefficient Integration: In the original script, the coefficient was specifically designed for the WMA calculation. The updated script extends this concept to all the selected Moving Average types. This coefficient is applied differently depending on the type of MA, often affecting the length of the MA calculation.

3. Dynamic Length Calculation: For MAs that traditionally use an integer length (like SMA, EMA, etc.), the updated script calculates this length dynamically by multiplying the user-defined length by the coefficient and then rounding it to the nearest integer. This ensures compatibility with Pine Script's requirements for these functions.

All credits to GUNZO
original script:
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