Statistics: High & Low timings of custom session; 1yr history

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Get statistics of the Session High and Session Low timings for any custom session; based on around 1yr of data.

-To get data on the 'time of day' tendencies of an asset.
-Narrow in on a custom defined session and get statistics on that session.

-Input times are always in New York time (but changing the timezone after setting WILL adust both table stats and background highlight correctly.
-For particularly long sessions, make sure text size is set to 'tiny' (very long vertical table), or adjust table to display horizontally.
-You'll notice most assets show higher readings around NY equities open (9:30am NY time). Other assets will have 'hot-spots' at other times too.
-Timings represent the beginning of a 15m candle. i.e. reading for 15:45 represents a high occurring between 15:45 and 1600.
-Premium users should get 20k bars => around 1year's worth of data on a 15minute chart. Days of history is displayed in the top left corner of the table.

-only designed and working on 15minute timeframe (to gather a full year of meaningful/comparable % stats, need 15minute 'buckets' of time.
-sessions cannot cross through midnight, or start at midnight (00:15 is ok). 00:15 >> 23:45 is the max session length. On BTC, same applies but 01:00 instead of midnight (all in NY time).
-if your session crosses through 'dead time' (e.g. 17:00-18:00 S&P NY time); table will correctly omit these non-existent candles, but it will add on the missing hour before the start time.

//Cautionary note:
-Since markets are not uncommonly in a trending state when your defined session starts or ends, the high/low timings % readings for start and end of session may be misleadingly high. Try to look for unusually high readings that are not at the start/end of your session.

Wheat (ZW1!) 15min chart; Table displayed vertically:

Nasdaq (NQ1!) 15m chart; Table displayed horizontally and with smaller text to view a very long custom session:
Release Notes:
-Updated cover chart; Cleaned up code.
-Also, I forgot to mention user inputs in the above description:
• Custom Session • Timezone • Table (toggle on/off) • Table (toggle Vertical/Horizontal) • Use Percent vs Use Count • Decimal precision for % values • All standard color & size formatting options.
Release Notes:
-fix cover chart
Release Notes:
-changed default text color to red for those who use black chart background
Release Notes:
-Added option to choose specific day of week to test (e.g. test / get stats from only historical Wednesdays). Leave set to 'ALL' for this indicator to function as before with stats from all trading days.
-Added option of manual backtest start date (default toggled off).
~Example usage, ES1! 15m; testing only Wednesday afternoon session:

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