Elder's force index impulse

Force Index is an oscillator. It combines volume with prices
to discover the force of bulls or bears behind every rally or decline.
It brings together three essential pieces of information the direction of price
change, its extent, and the volume during that change. It provides a practical way of
using volume for making trading decisions.
Force Index can be used in its raw form, but its signals stand out much more
clearly if we smooth it with a moving average. Using a short EMA of Force Index
helps pinpoint entry and exit points.
Using a longer EMA helps confirm trends.
Efi long > 0 ( bullish trend ) and efi short < 0 = buy signal (green bar)
Efi long < 0 (bear trend) and efi short>0 = sell signal (red bar)
Release Notes: updated with alert option when bar changes color
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