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Library "multidata"
A library for multi-dimensional data arrays.

Full documentation: http://faiyaz7283.github.io/multidata

This library is designed to enhance data storage capabilities in Pine Script, enabling users to work with two separate data structures: data2d (key -> main-value | alternate-value) and data3d (primary key -> data key-> main-value | alternate-value). These structures facilitate storing key-value pairs in a flexible and efficient manner, offering various methods for manipulation and retrieval of data. Please check out the full documentation at http://faiyaz7283.github.io/multidata.
Release Notes:
v2 - Added: Support for printing data2d and data3d objects directly on chart. Extending the tools library's print() method.
Release Notes:
v3 - Bugfix: format() method throwing object 'na' error. FIXED.
Release Notes:
v4 - import update
Release Notes:
v5 - Updated the imported libraries.
Release Notes:
v6 - Major refactoring.

- Removed: All push, set and remove functionalities.
- Updated: All comparison are calculated and stored directly in object.
- Updated: Extended Print methods refactored completely for more advance printing.
- Bug fixes: Few bug fixes.
Release Notes:
v7 - Replaced key() method with getKeys(). Pine Script was complaining for some reason due to name clashing with built-in keys() function.
Release Notes:
v8 - printer library version update
Release Notes:
v9 - Updated printer library.

Faiyaz Haider
Pine library

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