Multiple Percentile Ranks (up to 5 sources at a time)

This indicator is a visual percentile rank indicator that can display 1 to 5 sources at one time.
The options:
Choose the number of sources you would like to display. The minimum is 1, the maximum is 5.
“Label percent position”
The label for the current percentage of where the source candle ranks.

“Label position”
This displays the source/s you’ve selected, and the chosen bottom rank % and top rank %.
“Label text size”
Displays the text size of all labels.
“Display current % labels”
Switches the labels on/off only for the current percentage rank of each source.

Source options:
ATR: Average True Range
CCI: Commodity Channel Index
COG: Centre of Gravity
Close: closing price
Close Percent: close percentage from previous close
Dollar Value: volume * (high * low * close / 3)
EOM: Ease of Movement: how much volume it takes to move the price in a certain direction
OBV: On-Balance Volume
RANGE: percentage range of the close price
RSI: Relative Strength Index
RVI: Relative Vigor Index
Time Close: if you select the 1 second timeframe it will provide the gap of time between each 1 second close
Volume: each bar’s volume
Volume (MA): volume moving average
Source # where # is the number of the source. Selects the source you’d like.
Ma Length is the number of previous candles to consider when calculating the moving average of the source. Note, the “MA Length” only applies to sources that have the “(MA)” at the end of their name.
Bottom % is the bottom percentage rank of the source you’ve selected. This is a filter to display the candle line graph in red once the percentage rank is equal to the percentage you’ve chosen or below.
Top % is the top percentage rank of the source you’ve selected. This is a filter to display the candle line graph in green once the percentage rank is equal to the percentage you’ve chosen or higher.

A simple example of how to use the indicator:
Select the dropdown menu for source 1 and select volume.
As the candles populate, it will look at previous candles and assign a percentage rank of where the candles are in relation to previous candles.
*Note, the way Tradingview works is it will populate the first candle the chart was active, and continue on. So, let’s say the 3rd candle was the highest volume day. This candle will show up as 100%. If the next day, the 4th candle has an even higher volume, it will show up as 100% also, the previous candles won’t “repaint” to other values and are instead set based on when they were confirmed. So, this indicator works best when there are a lot of previous candles to compare itself to.
To use the bottom % rank filter enter a percentage such as 5%. As it comes across a candle that is 5% or less compared to previous volume candles, then the line graph will shade in red.
The same can be said for the top % rank. So, if you want to see the line graph change to green when it comes across the top 99th percentile rank of volume bars, then set the top % rank to 1% and it will give you extremely high-volume bars in green instead of blue.

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