Risk-Adjusted Return Oscillator

The Risk-Adjusted Return Oscillator (RAR) is designed to aid traders in predicting future price action by analysing the risk-adjusted performance of an asset. This oscillator is displayed directly on the price chart, unlike other oscillators.
By considering the risk-return relationship, the indicator helps identify periods of overvaluation or undervaluation, allowing traders to anticipate potential price reversals or trend accelerations.


The Risk-Adjusted Return Oscillator analyses the risk-adjusted performance of an asset to detect price reversals and accelerations. Here's how to interpret its signals:

Ranging Market:
Overbought Signal: When the RAR curve reaches the overbought level (upper red line), it suggests a potential reversal signal. It indicates that the asset may be overvalued, and a price correction or trend reversal could occur.
Oversold Signal: When the RAR curve reaches the oversold level (lower red line), it indicates a potential reversal signal. It suggests that the asset may be undervalued, and a price correction or trend reversal could take place.

Trending Market:
Overbought Signal: In a trending market, an overbought signal (RAR curve reaching upper red line) suggests trend acceleration. It indicates that the existing trend is gaining strength, and buying pressure is increasing.
Oversold Signal: In a trending market, an oversold signal (RAR curve reaching lower red line) also signifies trend acceleration. It suggests that the prevailing trend is intensifying, and selling pressure is increasing.

Thus, it's important to consider the market context when interpreting overbought and oversold signals. In ranging markets, these signals act as potential reversal points. However, in trending markets, they indicate trend acceleration, reinforcing the current price direction.


Period Length: Adjust the number of bars used to calculate returns and standard deviation.

Smoothing: Define the smoothing period for the RAR curve.

Show Overbought/Oversold Signals: Choose whether to display triangular shapes for overbought and oversold conditions.

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