Big Bars Detector

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If a big bar with high volume appears during an uptrend, this may indicate strong buying pressure i.e. the bar acts as support. vice versa, if a big bar with high volume appears during a downtrend i.e. the bar acts as resistance.

How to use ?
  • It is easy to use whenever the label appears on the candle's high (make sure the candle's color is Red for a bear candle, for example). If a Green bar has a label on its low, simply use the candle's low as support, and vice versa. If the candle's high has a label, consider using it as resistance.

  • The values display in labels on the top / bottom of the bar is the volume on that particular candle

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Release Notes:
You can set the label values as per your need i.e. high , low , close , volume.
Release Notes:
Filter Bars by Using Greater Volume e.g. if Bars have Volume > 10000 indicator will detect the those bar have 10000 above volume
Release Notes:
Minor bug fixed
Release Notes:
You can Also find candle who are bigger than percentage you mentioned in setting panel. Use 15 min or higher timeframe to find good levels
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