Broken Fractal : Someone's broken dream is your profit!

The idea is simple : when market turns around, it traps a bunch of traders off guard. We trade with them, in the same direction of their exit!

  • We let the market first create a fractal
  • We then let the market create an opposite fractal
  • We then let the market break the first fractal it created, thereby trapping lots of trades in the process
  • We then patiently wait till the market gives these trapped traders a chance to exit - and we trade in the same direction

How to use?
Green boxes are for long entry, red boxes are for short.
Whenever a box appears, that's the risk criteria - setup limit orders and trade along!
Works on all timeframes

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I personally use it with Higher Timeframe bias.

PS1 : some traders call this Break of market structure, some call it Breaker, I just call it "Broken Fractal"
PS2 : Break of a broken fractal is also very potent. Watch out for those!

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