orb study Swing TG by lazytraders

ORB = Open Range breakout

Here ORB developed by lazytrades

This indicator develop for NSE & BSE
This indicator for Intraday Trading Once Par Bar Study Alerts
///////////////////////////// SELECTED TIME CANDLE START TRADE //////////////////////////
Here is the first option of start time is fix 9:15
second is the candle that time frame and candle close need to trade
For Exp I want to trade in 5 min. chart frame in SBIN and I want to trade 5 min second candle of the SBIN 5 min chart so my start trade will be like this 9:15 to 9:25
So, the second Candle of 5 min Chart high low will count 
///////////////////////////////// REPAINT ////////////////////////////////////////////////
repaint is by default value is 1
it shows if buy start and again get buy than it will not buy again
if repaint value 2 then if buy and again signal of a buy then buy again
//////////////////////////////// TARGETS //////////////////////////////////////////////////
here we provide both side 3 no. of target
All Tg in Percentage.
If the signal is buying and need to put Tg than Buy TG% 1 is the first target as same for target 2 is Buy TG% 2 and for 3rd is Buy TG% 3 same as per selling signal TG 1, 2 and 3
if we want only one target then put other value 0 
if you put target than you will see the target line in the chart.

//////////////////////////////////////////// int Exit Hr and Min ////////////////////////////
Int Exit Hr is the time in an hour that you want to exit in intraday
Int Exit Min is the time in a minute that you want to exit in intraday  

for Example, want to exit at 3:10 pm
so here Int Exit Hr = 15 and Int Exit Min = 10

/////////////////////////////////////////////////// Benefits //////////////////////////////////////
Benefits of 3 target:: = If we trade in cash in Reliance and buy 300 shares and buy signal executed and now I want to sell 100 shares in 0.80% 100 shares in 1.4% and last 100 long for intraday than I will put all this condition for all day and tg3% is 0. so if the price comes Tg1  it will exit 100 Tg2 it will again 100 and final 100 will sell at the end of market hours or if sell signal comes than it will sell and sell another 300 shares for the short side. if I will put tg3 as 4.5% and the stock price goes than I get a good profit. 
we all know every day no stock move 3 to 5 percentage but if we put partially profit target than we get good results of that 

////////////////////////////////////////////// Some important Note //////////////////////////////
here you will find repaint of Targets 
so, put alerts of the target will be once per bar every time
In future this problem we will try to solve it.

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