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Library "external_input_utils"
Collection of external input utilities for conversion and other hacky functions

str_to_src(value) str_to_src - Convert the string value to the coresponding source series. It can be used to limit the "input.source" choices provided to the end user.
The most interesting part is that it can be used to overcome the "one input.source call limitation" for external inputs to your script
    value: - The string equivalent to the source to be converted
  Returns: series of the coresponding source

eval_cond(input, operator, value, defval) eval_cond - Evaluate the condition given an operator
    input: - The input to be compared with. It can be an external input or a regular one
    operator: - The string operator that describe the coparison operation
    value: - The value to compare with the input. This can be a serries or a constant
    defval: - The boolean value to return when 'noop' is selected
  Returns: series of bool the result of the operation evaluation
Release Notes:
add mod10 and /10 operators
Release Notes:
Release Notes:
  • add mod100 operator
  • append the '==' in mod operator strings to better describe the operation
Release Notes:
change the default of the noop eval_cond function to false
Release Notes:
Add error messages on invalid value and operator
Release Notes:
Added rising and falling conditions and removed mod div.
Follow naming conventions.
Release Notes:
Add 'na' and 'not na' conditions
Release Notes:
Add barssince operator

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