HighLowBox 1+3TF

nazomobile Updated   
Enclose in a square high and low range in each timeframe.
Shows price range and duration of each box.

In current timeframe, shows Fibonacci Scale inside(23.6%, 38.2%, 50.0%, 61.8%, 76.4%)/outside of each box.
Outside(161.8%,261.8,361.8%) would be shown as next target, if break top/bottom of each box.

  • 1st box for current timeframe.(default: Chart)
  • 2nd-4th box for higher timeframes.(default: higher1,higher2,higher3)
  • static timeframes can also be used.
Release Notes:
Added labels for the narrow range(top/bottom) of recent price action in fibonacci level of higher timeframe range.
Release Notes:
Digit after decimal point is changed.(#.000->#.0000)
Minor fixes for handling arrays.
Added High Low box minimap.(experimental. default:false)
Release Notes:
Added 4th HTFbox(default: false).
Minor color adjustment.
Fixed bugs around initial value of arrays("D" or higher timeframe's box was not shown).
Release Notes:
Added RSI Signal Indicator
RSI Signals are shown at the bottom(RSI<30) or the top(RSI>70) of HighLowBox in each timeframe.
To disable RSI: uncheck RSI checkboxes from bottom part of configuration panel.

RSI Signal is color coded by RSI9 and RSI14 in each timeframe.

In case RSI<=30,
  • Location: bottom of the HighLowBox
  • white: only RSI9 is <=30
  • aqua: RSI9 and RSI14 are <=30 and RSI9RSI14
  • green: only RSI14 is <=30

In case RSI>=70,
  • Location: top of the HighLowBox
  • white: only RSI9 is >=70
  • yellow: RSI9 and RSI14 are >=70 and RSI9>RSI14
  • orange: RSI9 and RSI14 are >=70 and RSI9=70
Release Notes:
"HighLowBox 1+3TF" -> "HighLowBox HTF+RSI"
  • HighLowBox @tf4 was same as @tf3.
  • Set symbol "➊➋➌➍" for tf1-4.
  • Plot RSI signal if only when value is updated.
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