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Some traders like to use Central Pivot Range ( CPR ) in their chart for assessing price movement. It is usually used in combination with Pivot Levels.

Calculating CPR is a simple matter. There a few CPR scripts in the Public Library, but have the code hidden. I thought there may many users who may want to know how CPR is calculated and study it for use in their own scripts. So, here is the CPR script with the code. Use it as you please.

Note: CPR is plotted only on intra-day time-frames.
The light magenta (band) range is current day CPR .
The light blue (band) range is tomorrow's CPR projected for you today itself based on current day's price action and range.

Queries / feedback welcome.

All the best.

PS: The script is developed to the best of my ability and as with all indicators, you have to decide if it might be useful to you when adding to your chart.
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