K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2)

Like I said previously in the "K.M Trend Strategy (BETA 1.2)" this is the script to set alerts. If you haven't seen the strategy one please search it. Please look at the strategy post to see more information. Thank you.

Buy Alerts = P (greater then) B
Sell Alerts = P (less then) B


Kevin Manrrique

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study("K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2)")
    //// This script is built by Kevin Manrrique, if you have any information or questions ////
    //// about this script and how it works please message me. K.M Trend Alerts (BETA 1.2) is a //// 
    //// testing indicator. If your intrested in recieving signals please follow us on; Instagram: TWTForexGroup ////
    //// We build, rebuild, repair, and test if intrested inbox me /////
    //// Appreciate what you have around you, not everyone lives like us ////
    //// Sincerely, ////
    //// Kevin Manrrique //// 

    //// Main ////
tim="2440", minval=1
tim2="1440", minval2=1

    //// Lines ////
line1 = security(tickerid, tim, open[1])
line2 = security(tickerid, tim2, close[0.99])
line3 = line2 - line1

    //// Plot ////
plot(line3, style=columns, color=orange, linewidth=3, title="P")

    //// Additions ////
plot(baseline, style=line, color=black, title="B")


Please, Can you explain more your beautiful indicator?
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Hi, getting the following error:

Study Error Invalid value of the 'resolution' argument ('2440') in the 'security' function
Hi! Getting the following error when adding to chart:

Study Error
Invalid value of the 'resolution' argument ('2440') in the 'security' function

Thanks =)
I added this indicator for Indian stock. But getting n/a error
Hi Kevin, shouldn't both alerts and the strategy generate the same signals? Seems like they don't sync up properly.
A980388 kaotic363
@kaotic363, its not working
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sushil2888 kaotic363
@kaotic363, error not open
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