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this strategy used to determine and anticipate potential changes in market price and reversals. The Highs referred to in the title are created based on the number of bars that exhibit lower highs on either side of a High, whereas the Lows are created based on the number of bars that exhibit higher lows on either side Low.it also analyzing price changes and reversals, a trader has more of an ability to determine and predict price patterns and general price trends...It take profit on pre define 500 points.. u can also change is take profit level. .and also added max intraday trades..so it help in risk management
brokerage added 0.02% and slippage added 20.

How it works??
It calculate swing on 5min chart.. When swing high is break it shows buy signal and when swing low is break it show sell signal.. And it book profit on 500 points.. U can also change profit points. .After booking profit if high or low of price break it again show buy and sell signal.. U can also use it with trend lines and moving average for better entry and exits..
I hope this will help trader for find out trends and profit booking and if u want to use it with comment strategy action you have to just add comment in comment box

caution: always follow risk management before using strategy
Release Notes: UPDATE :: ADDED STOPLOSS ,ADDED 2 TKAE PROFIT MOD and volatility scalper mod
2 Take profit mod work on position averaging.. when 1 st target achive it book profit on 50% of trade another on 2nd target
volatility scalper mod scalp during high volatility.. u can also change take profit and stoploss
Release Notes: as so many requests from friends ..i added 1 min mod.. which function is same as above normal mod.. back testing is on 1 min candle chart with 0.03 brokerage and 20 slippage. .and also remove some point issues
Release Notes: remove bugs from volatility mod
Release Notes: updated trail stoploss and added swing value
Release Notes: added trail points in 0.000001 so now u can trail stoploss in alt coins
Release Notes: added new feature of trailing stoploss and intraday session
Release Notes: added supertrend stoploss..now u can follow trend by supertrend...above back testing result is with 0.04 % brokerage
Release Notes: added profit table..now u can see monthly profit at bottom
Release Notes: remove some bugs
Release Notes: remove some bugs..above back testing is with 0.05% brokerage
Release Notes: remove table bcs of study error
Release Notes: added profit table now we can analyse monthly return.. below back testing is on 15 min chart with 0.04% brokerage

Dr Aakash parikh
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if u want to use this strategy pls message me ..and before using this strategy always follow advise of finical advisor

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