Volume / Open Interest "Footprint" - By Leviathan

This script generates a footprint-style bar (profile) based on the aggregated volume or open interest data within your chart's visible range. You can choose from three different heatmap visualizations: Volume Delta/OI Delta, Total Volume/Total OI, and Buy vs. Sell Volume/OI Increase vs. Decrease.

How to use the indicator:

1. Add it to your chart.
2. The script will use your chart's visible range and generate a footprint bar on the right side of the screen. You can move left/right, zoom in/zoom out, and the bar's data will be updated automatically.


- Source: This input lets you choose the data that will be displayed in the footprint bar.
- Resolution: Resolution is the number of rows displayed in a bar. Increasing it will provide more granular data, and vice versa. You might need to decrease the resolution when viewing larger ranges.
- Type: Choose between 3 types of visualization: Total (Total Volume or Total Open Interest increase), UP/DOWN (Buy Volume vs Sell Volume or OI Increase vs OI Decrease), and Delta (Buy Volume - Sell Volume or OI Increase - OI Decrease).
- Positive Delta Levels: This function will draw boxes (levels) where Delta is positive. These levels can serve as significant points of interest, S/R, targets, etc., because they mark the zones where there was an increase in buy pressure/position opening.
- Volume Aggregation: You can aggregate volume data from 8 different sources. Make sure to check if volume data is reported in base or quote currency and turn on the RQC (Reported in Quote Currency) function accordingly.
- Other settings mostly include appearance inputs. Read the tooltips for more info.

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