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Library "tools"
A library of many helper methods, plus a comprehensive print method and a printer object.

This is a newer version of the helpers library. This script uses pinescripts v5 latest objects and methods.
Release Notes:

- Added full Documentation - https://faiyaz7283.github.io/tools/
- I have also made some small bug fixes with the print() method, and few other small refactoring changes.

Moving forward, I will make changes on github repo first, and then publish it here. Please checkout the project at https://github.com/faiyaz7283/tools. If anyone has any new ideas, or want to contribute some changes or bug fix, please do it through the github repo. Also, any questions or concerns or want to report a bug, you may do so at github issues.
Release Notes:

  • New Feature: Added multiple methods to breakdown UNIX timestamps into various time segments, facilitating easy access to different time units.
  • New Feature: Now supports calculating time differences between two UNIX timestamps, providing valuable insights for time-related calculations.
Release Notes:

No major changes. Just some refactoring, and extending the printer object for my multidata library.
Release Notes:
v5 - Bug fix (issue with gradient)
Release Notes:
v6 - BugFix: _color() method calculation issue. FIXED.
Release Notes:
v7 - Removed the Printer object and its associated methods from the 'tools' library. Moving forward, Printer will be available as a standalone library, distinct from 'tools'.
Release Notes:

Added: numCompact function
Release Notes:
v9 - Bug fix with the numCompact function and negative numbers.
Release Notes:
v10 Added: new method 'ordinal'. It takes an integer and returns its ordinal number.
Release Notes:
v11 Added: 6 new methods for scanning specific data. All time highest and lowest, highest and lowest within a range of bars, and highest and lowest within a range of time. All the methods will return a map object containing the following keys for the searched source data - open, high, low, close, volume, time_open, time_close, and bar_index.
Release Notes:
v12 - Bug Fix

Faiyaz Haider
Pine library

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