The Ultimate Frank Ochoa Trading Setup by Yesu

This trading set up will show the Frank Ochoa's 4 reversal candles with the 'RSI and volume filters' along with the necessary pivots . You will be able to select the RSI and volume filters individually for all the 4 setups. It will also show the colored RSI candle when the RSI conditions met. You can also set the Initial Balance based on your preference. Lot more features that you can explore. A must have for pivot traders. This is the trading set up which I am using from the past 15 months
Release Notes: This trading set up will show the 4 reversal candles along with the CPR, Money Zone Pivots, Camarilla Pivots, ATR, Candle body strength indication, 5 Fibo EMA lines, Colored RSI candles (Here I tried to use the RSI as a momentum indicator rather than its traditional use) and you can also set the Initial Balance as per your preference . You will be able to select the volume filters individually for all the 4 Reversal Candle stick setups. Tried to include the Candle body strength indication based on the average of the previous bars. This will also show next day CPR, Camarilla and prior days range for you next day trade plan. Made some minor changes as per some of the comments received. Tried to replicate the teachings of Frank Ochoa.
Release Notes: Updated Outside Reversal set up to show signal only if the candle body ratio is above 40% and The IInd candle of the Extreme reversal is also deflated to min 40% body to candle ratio to improve the accuracy of the signals.
Based on few messages received, included all Time Frame pivots for all the setups to help all TF participants. Mentioned below is the TF that I use

For Monthly Piv - 2HRS/3HRS TF
For Weekly Piv - 30MIN/45MIN TF
For Yearly - No choice, its weekly.

The candle body strength indication shows signal based on the strength of the candle body and the average size of the previous bars. Users will be able to select any where between 60% to 100 % and bar backs from 1 to 100, The bar backs are defaulted to 8, that means it will show the signal only when the candle body is bigger than the average body side of the previous 8 bars.
Release Notes: a) Fixed the issues related to lower time frame plotting of lines, now you can plot this indicator in any TF (inc 1 minute) and in any Market.
b) Added indication to show the candle midpoint, of course you can enable and disable this. How ever to display the mid-point dots, you will have to either :- 1) Right click on the Candle - Select 'Visual Order - click on Send to back, or 2) Click on the 3 dots at the end of the Indicator -select Visual Order - Click Bring to Front
c) Added option to Enable or disable the next day CPR/Cam and Prior Range.
Release Notes: Added back VWAP and MVWAP , included developing CPR, provided volume filter for the candle strength (wide rage candle with long body) indication. Made some minor scrubbing/clean up in the code like shortening the title as per some of the comments.
Release Notes: Rectified one of the flaws..Thanks @ Crypto_scalper.
Release Notes: > Fixed the issue with respect to PDHL option, which was also plotting current day high. Thanks to Aravind for pointing this out.
> Based on some of the messages received, Included option to switch off and On the entire CPR + Floor Pivots and Camarilla Pivots in a single click. Will be helpful for those who toggle between MZ, CPR & Cam. You don't have to go and disable the lines one by one.
> As requested by few, added H4 & L4 levels in next day Cam, changed the Enable/Disable options in line with others options instead of listing down, so that you don't have to do a scroll down for the frequently used options and changed color combinations of the pivots for the easy identification of levels, you can anyways change the colors as per your preference :)
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