Supply and Demand Candles

This Indicator helps in identifying the Basing and exciting candles with respect to Supply and Demand Analysis methodology
Release Notes: Blue Candle represents the Boring Candles ==> Demand and Supply is in balance
Black Candle represents the Exciting Candles ==> imbalance between Demand and Supply
Release Notes: Code Optimization
Release Notes: Added moving average for trend determination
Release Notes: code optimization
Release Notes: code optimization
Release Notes: code optimization
Release Notes: modified candle range
Release Notes: Code optimization
Release Notes: Added Input parameter to determine legout strength
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Automatic Demand and Supply zone Indicator is available. Any body interested can use the indicator "Demand and Supply Zones indicator"
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Can you explain abiut the color....?
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MrMama MrMama
Typo error... about
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@MrMama, Do you follow Supply and Demand methodology? blue candles represents basing candle and black ones the explosive move candle, yellow is the normal green candle you see on the chart, i have changed it to yellow for my convenience and red candle remains red.
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Please advise how to trade using this indicator.
Hello i am looking for indicator showing big candlesticks to determine supply and demand zones, how do i use this indicator?
@ali_tektas, click on indicators on the chart, type Supply and Demand candles, look for Author as CSTAcademy.... they click on it, it will apply on to your charts
ali_tektas CSTAcademyPurushothamGowda
Why does the indicator not show the candle in the picture in a different color?