Bitmex BTC Perpetual Premium

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This script tracks the premium of the Bitcoin Perpetual futures at Bimex exchange relative to 3 different reference prices.

The difference between this script and already published scripts is that it tracks the premium relative to 3 different reference prices. This tends to produce slightly different results.

This script is also open source, so you can verify the calculations, or use it as a basis for your own script.

The 3 plots uses the following reference prices:

Blue Area:
Bitmex Index price, ticker: BITMEX:XBT

Red line:
Bitmex Perpetual Premium, ticker XBTUSDPI
(This one is not used as reference, but simply plots the ticker*100)

Orange line:
The reference here is a price calculated by the tickers in trading view based on the Bitmex indices with weighing as follows:

Coinbase: 38,07%
Gemini: 7,34%
Kraken: 20,28

Please note that Bitmex changes the bases of its indices regularly. Bitmex might also "rule out" on of these exchanges if there is a short term problem.
Release Notes:
Fixed a calculation error. The different plots are now on the same scale.
Release Notes:
2 Changes:

Added Tradingview Bitcoin Index as reference price (Default to yellow line)

Bitmex indices updated as of 26.Mars 2021 (Affects the default orange line including its history)
Release Notes:
Corrected small error in indices.
Release Notes:
Updated with BitMEX Indices as per 25.06.2021:
Binance US: 3,31%
Bitstamp: 12,31%
Coinbase: 47,83%
FTX: 17,51%
Gemini: 5,14%
Kraken: 13,9%
Release Notes:
Updated Bitmex indices (Bitmex Price Index)
Release Notes:
Updated Bitmex Indices.
Release Notes:
Updated BitMEX Indices
Release Notes:
Updated bitmex indices (FTX removed from indices)
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