Dynamic Sigma VWAP and Volume Sigma Levels

Ever Wondered How can you confidently Identify Reversals / and Trend Direction with Volume ?
So this Script will help you out with that!

What I am talking About?
1. Volume Standard Deviations Spikes being Projected Over the Price
2. Dynamic VWAP being Calculated from the Points of extremities in Volume Action {estimated using Standard Deviation Sigma Level}

This is how sigma levels of 1sigma, 2sigma and 3sigma will look over the volume

Whenever Volume Spikes through these Sigma Levels,
Price Projections are Formed by this Indicator, both on Current Timeframes and Higher Timeframes Prices
This is what price projection of Volume Sigma Levels (1,2,3sigmas crosses) will look if projected on Same Timeframe period

And This is how they look on chart using Higher Timeframe Period, (Default Higher Time Frame is 60mins, You can tweak as per your convenience)

Once All the Sigmas are projected Over the Price,
Dynamic VWAP is calculated from the points where volume crosses current Time Frame 2sigma and 3sigma Levels

This helps out in figuring a lot of things in the price volume action!
Play with it, and Enjoy!

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