Aarush System

This is my System based on Volatility and a Floating Level RSI . An Indication is provided when the Bias / Sentiment turns positive or Negative. The Chart Bars are colored green when the stock is strong and Red when the stock is weak. Side ways moves are colored in Blue. No action is taken when the bars blue. Long entry is taken when the color changes to green and short entry when the color turns red. exit of positions can be taken when the bias turns to opposite side or bars turn the opposite color depending on the risk appetite.
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Can this system be used in any time frame?
Appreciate if you could code for alerts in your script. I can do it if you share the code.
Looks very promising. Will give this a go! Thanks for sharing
Looks good!
One of the most simple yet very effective rule based system
RajeshV vinita64

Hi Vinita, what instruments are you using it with? Have you experimented with index futures?